Monday, January 26, 2009

General "Blinky" Scott or "Mind that Tooth Pick"


Photo of General "Blinky" Scott avoiding a rather large tooth pick.

Players on the day
Scott other wise known as General "Blinky"
Russ alias "Wait for me"
and Me, Robert "Where's me cuppa tea"

Rules commenced with "Din of Battle" finished with "Command Piquet".

Out come: A draw.

I had a very enjoyable day and I,m looking forward to the next Colonial game at Scotts in Febuary. Then onto creating a Colonial Campaign using "Command Piquet".

Before I sign off, on the Easter Weekend "Casterway Arts" holds a Wargames Convention at the Lenna Hotel, here in Brisbane. So, if you are interested in the hobby, participate in a game, purchase figures or Terrain or just want to come and look around, then why not come along.

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