Saturday, April 3, 2010

First game of the Campaign

I have been some what slack in writing, only Scott and I have been busy preparing for the up and coming battle which will take place this coming Wednesday (07/04/10) . The main antagonist will be the Venetians and the Spanish. If you remember from my early report the Venetians are based at Pesaro. Scott will have his army set up first and will chose the terrain. This is because the Venetians have been in the City and its environs for some time, so it stands to reason that they will take advantage of the terrain. So on the day the Spanish may have a problem on their hands.
I will post details of the battle some time next week end and hopefully have some photographs to accompany the script. So until then "Happy Gaming"

Friday, February 26, 2010

Sunday 21 Feb. 2010 Zulu Colonial Game

IMG 1668
Last Sunday Russ, Warren and I played an interesting Zulu game. Russ put together the Scenario using "The Sword and the Flame Rules" by Larry V. Brom. Russ and Warren played the Zulus while I was in command of the British. The object of the game was for the British to get their gun from the base line onto the hill, top left hand corner in the photograph. Fire off two rounds into the Zulu Kral, then make it back to the base line. After some difficulties the British would have achieved their objective, only the British did not get back to the base line, due to the gamers calling it a win for the British and running out of time. Here are some photos of the game (should you wish to enlarge them, I am afraid you will find that they are somewhat blurry, sorry about that). Slide 1, shows a British platoon under attack by two Zulu Regiments. This platoon decided to rush ahead, paying no attention to the surrounding terrain, that could hold hidden Zulus After putting up a brave fight the platoon was pushed back. If you look closely you can see Lord Chelmsford peering through his scope. The platoon did rally and come back into the game. Much to the relieve of the British commander. The lesson is "Always stay in support and don't run ahead".
IMG 1670
Two scouts run into a Zulu regiment armed with rifles. This particular regiment inflicted some heavy casualties on a British square later in the game. With some very good dice throwing by Warren.
IMG 1671
Another view of the lone platoon that ran ahead of the rest of the British units. One figure in this platoon won a posthumous Victoria Cross for valour in the field, I intent to paint a little "Gold" mark on the figure to represent the V.C.
IMG 1672

IMG 1673
Two slides of Lord Chelmsford with the platoon. This is a nice figure from Redoubt Miniatures.

IMG 1674

IMG 1675
Second platoon moving forward, seeing their comrades under attack. This platoon gave support to the platoon in the centre that had to retreat. The gun was limbered and moved back. You may ask "Why didn't the Zulus attack the gun" my reply is "I do not know".
IMG 1676
Final slide, shows the British under attack from the front and rear by two BRAVE Zulu Regiments. The Zulu regiment attacking in the rear were also hit in from behind by a British platoon. You can see the gun and its crew, taken in the flank by Zulus. The Kral was at the foot of this hill. Russ had some very bad dice rolls in this combat. Rolling I believe seven ones! The figures faced down represent wounded. After this combat, we called it a win for the British , the Zulus would have found it difficult in stopping the British from achieving their objective.
This the second time that Russ and I have played these rules and each time we have found the rules to be a joy to play and to those who think that it was an easy victory for the British, let me say "That it was not a walk over for me".
Terrain was put together by Russ.
Our next game will be a World War 1 scenario "Battle for the Conde Canal" 1914, where units from the British 2nd Corps faced the German "Steam Roller". So why not dust off those history books and brush up on this battle.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

First Photos of Our Italian War Campaign.

(editor's note: images link-out to reveal full-size, correctly oriented pictures)
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Photo of the Map of Italy during the initial opening moves. The French A1 army under the command of Charles VIII, King of France are in Naples and their B army is based in Nice (enjoying the sunny climate). Papal States A1 army commanded by Prospero Colonna in Terni, Spanish A1 army commanded by Fernando d' Avalos, Marquess of Pescara in Ancona. The Venetian A1 army is in Ferrara and their B army is in Pasaro. Remember Italy was not a unified country during this period of history. It was broken up in to individual states and Cities, governed by Kings, Princes & the Pope.

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As you can see the French main army based in Nice

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The position of the Venetian, Spanish, Papal armies. Note the markers in Venice and Piombino, these represent the agents of Venice and the Papacy. They can do a great deal of damage to ones opponent, such as instigate revolts assassinate an opponent's general and influence treaties.

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Another photo of the armies positions. In the next turn the Spanish A1 army as moved into Pasaro.
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French army B, basking in the Mediterranean sun. They need to be aware there is a plague in Genoa, if they march through this area they can lose a portion the army.

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Three photographs of Heavy Cavalry in Battle Mass. A Piquet, Band of Brothers formation. They are waiting for the fisrt encounter with the Venetians or French.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Italian Campaign. France plunders Naples. Venetians Falter at Ferrara

This is the lastest update of the Campaign. The French King, Charles VIII played campaign Card #2, collecting 9 florins in Italian Revenue. This he needed as their war Chest is somewhat empty.
He discarded Campaign Card #18
Campaign Card #33 allowed the French army to plunder Naples. This dastardly action gave Charles 18 florins for his War Chest, bringing the French total to 27 florins but he lost 6 Victory Points.

The last we heard of the Venetian 1st Army was they were in the area of Ferrara. Well the Genenral of this army decided to lay siege to the City. Oh Dear!!! He did not succeed. The Citizens and Soldiers of Ferrara put up a brave defense and sent the venetian General "packing".
This is how it happened. The Venetian general committed 50 florins of his army, giving him plus 5, he also gained a plus 1 as this was the first part of the siege: this gave him a total 6 to add to a dice roll of a D6, a 2 was rolled equaling 8 "Not bad he thinks. I have a chance to take this City".
Well it din't quite work out like that. The Citizens of Ferrara had plus 3 for the area, plus 2 for garrison, giving them a total of 5. this ment a 4 or more had to be rolled. The d6 was rolled and they throw a 6 giving them 11.
The Citizens and Soldiers of Ferrara jump for JOY, as they had repulsed half the Venetian army. "Now the Citizens hold a Holiday on this Day".
The Venetians lost half their army in this siege.
The last bit of news we heard, is that a messenger as just arrived at the Venetian camp, ordering the Venetian General back to Venice, as the Doge and The Council of Venice would like a little Chat with him! Remember Venice was a Republic.
Some consolation though, camapign card #21 gave them extra Influence Chits and Campaign Card #31, Spanosh Disease, ment the Spainish had to give up 2 Influence Chits. Leaving them with none.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Extra! Extra! Read All About It! Italian Campaign Begins

Scot and I have now commenced the Italian War Campaign and I must say that I enjoy trying to work out Scots next moves. So far the situation is as follows:

Scot represents France and Venice, yours truly represents Spain and The Papal States.

France A1 army of 120 florins under the command of the French King is based in Naples, A2 Army recruited in France and now marched onto Nice. (No doubt enjoying the Sunny climate)
Venetain A1 army of 59 florins is based in Venice, A2 army of 41 florins commenced the campaign in Ravenna and as now moved to Pasaro.
Papal A1 army of 72 florins under the command of Prospero Colonna a condottiero, mustered his army in Rome and as now moved onto Terni.
Spain A1 army 82 florins under the command Fernando d' avalos, Marquess of Pescara landed at Cosenza and as now marched onto Barletta.
The Spanish army draw a Campaign card denoting a plague in the region. On a throw of 5-6 a plague breaks out but fortunatly the Spanish commander throw a 2 "Phew"
The Papal Commander picked up a Russe de Guerre card with a Fabian Tactic which means my Papal General may avoid having a battle forced on him until the start of the next campaign phase.
Let me say "For those who wish to follow the campaign, why not get out a map of Italy and track Scots and my movements".
Campaigns are not everyones "Cup of Tea" but I find them challanging, in trying to out wit ones opponant and reading the Historical aspects of the period.
Now I'm waiting for Scot to make his next move(s).