Sunday, January 25, 2009

Colonial Setting of a small village in the Sudan


Photograph of a deserted Sudanese Village, ready to be occuppied by British Troops, who have orders to hold it against an expected Mahdi attack.
The Buildings were scratched build. Palm Trees were supplied by Scott and I must say they lent an authentic look to the table. Thanks Scott.


Second view of the same village, showing the river crossing.

British troops, under the command of General "Blinky" Scott, are set up in the village. Note the Camels in the village centre. These were painted and supplied by Scott who purchursed them from Casterway Arts. Who by the way does an extensive range of Colonial miniatures.
Have you spot the weakness in the British defence, yes you've guessed it, bottom right hand corner. The Mahdis did take advantage of this but the British did eventualy move a company across to fill the gap. The Cavalry in the top of the photo did move out of position in order to stop an attack coming in on the left flank.


insert caption here All is ready, as troops seddle down to a long wait in scorching Sudanese Sun.The Machine gun covering the track is supported by a company of navel troops from "HMS Lost in the Dessert" If anyone finds it, plaese let these unfortunate sailors know Ha!

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