Sunday, January 25, 2009

Defence of the Village or "Where's Me Kettle".

British left flank, covered by an artillery piece and two companies of infantry. After putting up an Heroic stand in combat with two units of Mahdi, the Company outside the building, end up taking cover in the building.

View of the "Lost Navel Company" covering the track, they have just fired on My bunch, you know the ones who ran off with the Kettle.

Russ' command ready to go into action. These figures were painted by Me.

The same bunch who took on the Cavalry. No they are not Lancers, in the early part of the Sudan Campaign, I believe, the British Cavalry used spears taken from the Mahdi.

The bunch who ran off with the Kettle. knocking on the door for water. I dont think the British were about to oblige but sent them "packing" instead. Serves them right. How do they expect their commander to go into battle without a "Cuppa".

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