Thursday, January 1, 2009

Brief Intro of Interests

My areas of interests are-Medival, Franco-Prussian War, World-War 1 (1914-1915), A.C.W and any games related to the Ottoman Empire. While these are my main focus, Iam willing to game other periods.
The Rules I have used are WAB, On To Richmond, Mr Lincoln's War, Wargame Rule sets Beyond the Golden Gate, English Civil War, Age Of Chivalry, Chariots Of War, El Cid (A favourite of mine) and a Very Good Rule Set that a follow Gamer (Scott) developed for the Deluge period. At the present time Iam focusing on the Piquet Rule system. These rules seem to offer me a sense of challenge (which I look for in rules) in that you play against your opponant and not the rules. I particularly like the way how one uses playing cards in the Rule Set, "Band of Brothers" to dertermine the make up of one's army. These Rules were introduced to me by Russ, so you can put the blame on him Ha!
Above is a photo of part of my 25mm A.C.W. Union collection. I also have 25mm Confederates.

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  1. Bob welcome to the 21st century, what you need now are more photos of your collection and terrain. We need to have a game soon as I go back to school in 3 weeks time and I have only had one wargame against James (WAB Shieldwall). James bought my old Viking army off Nathan and had enough figures to field 5000 points the other day. Talk soon, Scott