Friday, January 2, 2009

Completed Tarrain for Battle Mill Springs. An A.C.W. Senario

I have done very little gaming over the last 4 months but I have been busy preparing the terrain for the up and coming A.C.W. Game. Now all I have to do is fix the date and time with my co-gamers to play the scenario. The Rules on the day will be "Command Piquet" by Brent Oman. The army lists have been drawn up now all that remains is for the players to roll up there army characteristics.
Now that all the work is completed I thought it would be a good idea to explain a little about the terrain. The first two photos features one of the Farm houses, well a "shack" really, that I'm using as a building, the trees are hand made (By the way, the buildings featured are from Battleline Scenics, the Queensland Rep. is Kevin Jewit. You can access his sight on the Internet). The second is a shot of the second Farmhouse. Then comes the Stream that represents "Mill Springs". It is this stream ,that the Confederates crossed on the day of the Battle. The final photo is the overall view of the battle field (The Table is 12'x6'). The bottom right hand corner of the table are fields the the Union troops marh across. I hope you enjoy viewing the Photographs as much as I have enjoyed preparing the Terrain. I shall post more photos of the battle along with more scenery in the future. Happy and Safe New Year to you all.

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