Sunday, January 4, 2009

Battle "Mill springs", Played Sunday 4th Jan 2009

Before I commence, I wish to applogise to kevin , I spelt his surname incorrectly, it should read Jowett and not Jewet, sorry Kevin.
Today Russ and I played the battle of "Mill Springs". We did not finish the game because Russ had car problems. However, like a good opponant, he still arrived. As I said, we did not finish but we still made enough moves to work out the finer details of the rules "Command Piquet" by Brent Oman. The more I play "Piquet" the more a like them. As I have said before, one plays the oppornant and not the Rules. Yes realise they will not be everone's "cup of tea".
One thing Russ and I have learned and that is "Don't get caught on roads", with these rules, as these rules don't give you extra road movement. That's if Russ and I played this movement correctly. If any one can enlighten us on this plaese let me know.
I have but together a slide show on the battle. The slide shows the Confederates marching down the road, Union forces moving into battle and slide 20 an actual melee, showing a Union regiment firing on and forcing back a Confederate regiment. Side no one shows a Union gun limber jumbing a "snake" fence, please allow for this as somehow the fence did not move or maybe the Union army forgot to wake up their Sappers. Slide 21 shows what I use for makers (Lone Figue on single base) to signify that a Unit as suffered the loss of Integrity Points. Before I close, somehow that shack had to get into the frame (14th slide).
Thanks Russ, I know we did not finish the game but as always I enjoyed the day, especial working out the finer details, thanks.

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