Friday, January 23, 2009

Assembling Removable Flags

Have you ever wished that you could change flags without ever having to pull hard at the flag pole to remove it from the hands of that small miniature without damaging the it, well here is the solution. The idea came from James Roach who is auther of a very good Blog sight, by the Title of "Pike and Plunder". This sight covers the English Civil War and many other encounters from Italian Wars through to the Thirty Year Wars. I highly recommend that you visit it some time. I always find that, what makes this hobby interesting, apart from gaming and the Historical aspects of course, is the willingness for Gamers to share their ideas.
Now the assembly. The top photo is how the flag looks on the metal tube.
The second and third show the size of the tube and thickness of the wire. The fourth shows the wire. The final photo is the flag before it is glued around the tube.
The tube and the wire I obtained from the local hobby shop.
So you can now keep replacing your flags should you wish to have your troops change "sides".

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