Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Figures on the Waaay!!!

Not much to report right now but only to write that I have just ordered my first set of Old Glory Japanese Figures from Old Glory, from there Boxer Rebellion range. The order was for 30 infantry and 10 cavalry. They are in the blue uniform they wore during the Boxer Uprising and continued to wear into the Russian-Japanese War of 1905. If anyone saw the film "55 Days At Peking" they would have seen the Japanese Colonal in the film wearing the Blue undress uniform. During the winter months they wore Khaki and inorder to keep warm in winter I believe the infantry wore the blue coat under their Khaki coat.
I intend to paint some units in Blue and some in Khaki, hoping to give the impression that the winter uniforms have not got through to all the infantry in the field. The Russains I intend to do the same some in Khaki and some in their famous white and green uniforms.
These figues will be the first, towards building both the Russian and Japanese Armies in preparartion for gaming the Russian-Japanese War.
If anyone is interested in this period then there is a Russo-Japanese Society on the Web. that covers all aspects of this campaign, well worth a visit. There is some good reading in The Tsar's Last Armada by Constantine Pleshakov. A detailed account of the Russian Fleet sailing from their Home port in the Baltic, through to the South China Sea, only to meet the Japanese Fleet at the Battle of Tsushima. Come to think of it, it was a remarkable feat and don't forget "Rising Sun And Tumbling Bear"
Now I have to wait for the post so I can start painting.

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