Monday, January 11, 2010

Up and coming "Pike and Plunder Italian War Campaign"

Before I continue with the news, I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone who reads my Blog sight "A Happy New Year" with plenty of gaming. Now for the news, yes! I know it as been a long time since I put fingers to the Key Board, only I have been busy painting figures, for the Itallian Wars, Franco-Prussian War, World War 1 Russians etc; etc;
At this moment in time it will be Scott and me playing the Campaign. Scott will represent France and Venetian States, as for me I shall represent the Spanish and Papal States. The Rules for the campaign are "Pike and Plunder, Wargames Campaign Rules for the Italian Wars Version 2" by James Roach. I purchased these rules in 2009, for a princly sum of 5 Pounds, I must say a bargain. Having studied them they are well structured and easy to follow. The rules for the Table top gaming are "Piquet Master Rule Set" by Bob Jones and "Band of Brothers 1200-1600 A.D 2nd Edition" by Peter Anderson and Ken Baggaley. These Rules are what Scot and I will be using but I see no problems if a gamer wishes to substitute anothor set of Table Top Rules covering the Late Medieval Period.
Scot has been busy painting figures, Pike and cavalry units etc; the finished figures I shall get to see this coming Friday 15th when we will have a game. If I know anything about Scot's standard of painting, they will be Magnificent! It will also give Scot a chance to the Map of Italy, which I have had enlarged and laminated.
So! for those who wish to get into this colourful period, then I recommend you visit James Roach's Blog Sight "Pike And Plunder", where you will see photographs of his figures, gain an insight to the Italian Wars, plus read some very interesting Senarios.
In the future I shall be posting the progress on the Campaign and poblish photographs of the Battles.

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