Friday, January 15, 2010

First Trail Game for Italian Wars

Goodevening to you all, just a short post. Today, Scot and I played a trail game in preparation for our Italian War Campaign. The game was for the soul purpose to get an idea of the "Piquet" Rule set "Band of Brothers". We may have made some minor errors, having not played them on a regular bases before but when all is said and done, we both had a very good game. I dont know about everyone else but the more I get used this game mechanism the more I enjoy playing these rules. You either hate or love "Piquet", as for me, the more I play "Piquet" the more I'm able to gain an understanding of the philosphy that underpins this system. This is coming from someone who in the past did not wish to play them. Iam no expert yet in how to use the rules to benefit the armies I game with but given time I should beable to hold my own with the more experienced players.
Ho! by the way, Scot won the game, his Gendarmes performed very well on the day. No! it was not an easy victory for him, he had to work hard to win, especially when he had to take on 1 unit of Household Cavalry and 2 units of Heavy Lancers. I apologise to all those readers expecting photographs, only there was no camera available (The Newspaper people, forgot to pack it hA!). Scot has very kindly given me some Landsknecht Pike and Arqurebusiers, these will look good form either my papal guard or a Landsknecht pike block, once again Thanks Scot! and thanks Russ for lending me your figures for the day.
We are now ready to start the campaign, so when Scot and I set a date, I shall commence writing up the background on events and I do hope the "Newspaper people brink the camera Ha!". "What you my ask were Scots Units like?" I can sum in one word "Fantastic!!!!" and with that I shall sign off.

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