Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I'm Back.! "Zulus Knocking at the Door"

Hi! Everyone, it's been a long time since I posted anything on the sight, yes I know it's remiss of me but I have not done much gaming lately. It fact, as you will see, this Zulu game is the first game that I have played since the Franco-Prussian game in June.
So last Saturday the 19th Russ and I played a very enjoyable game of British fighting off a Zulu attack, you mind say somewhat simmular to "Rorke's Drift". The above photo shows the Zulus knocking on the front and side doors. The Zulus at the front door ended up depleted and being pushed back.
This is a another view of this part of the battlefield. As I said this unit of Zulus suffered heavy casualties and were pushed back. I this was the player in command of the Zulus, ME, holding the world record on the night for rolling Ones! Note the Catling gun and figures, these belong to Russ that he purchased from Front Rank miniatures. The detail on the gun and miniatures are the quality one gets with Front Rank.
In this photo the British have build a wall from mealie bags. As with the Catling gun, this piece of the scenery was supplied by Russ. The unit behind the bags fought off two Regiments of Zulus
Before the game I took a photo of the rules. Let me say, if you want a set of rules that not only reflect colonial warfare but give you FUN then "Sword and the Flame" are for you. The game we had was the first time we played using this set of rules, we both found them not only easy to use but gave Russ and I heaps of laughs!! Russ (British) thought he would get over run but the rules for all their simplicity in the end balanced everything out. So in future when Russ and I play colonial we will be using these rules as well as "Piquet"

Two photos of showing two Zulu regiments rushing up to take on the British. The Regiments in the middle of the photo finished the game some-what depleted.
Russ did a "Bromhead" trick holding a unit in reserve. Remember, in the film "Zulu", Michael Cain formed the firing line to plug a gap. This reserve unit are standing by a waggon I scratched build from lollypop sticks. What one can do with a little imagination.


Well! Russ' reserve in our game was not called in to the action, he only had to use one figure.
A better photo of the Catling gun with crew.
Well thats it for now so until my next game, which will be a battle from the Austro-Prussian war, which Russ will be putting together, Happy gaming and remember "Game to have Fun" "Stop the Press!" our little group are about to commence a "Pike and Plunder Campaign, (version 2)" in the near future. Using the very good system developed by James Roach.

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