Saturday, January 30, 2010

Extra! Extra! Read All About It! Italian Campaign Begins

Scot and I have now commenced the Italian War Campaign and I must say that I enjoy trying to work out Scots next moves. So far the situation is as follows:

Scot represents France and Venice, yours truly represents Spain and The Papal States.

France A1 army of 120 florins under the command of the French King is based in Naples, A2 Army recruited in France and now marched onto Nice. (No doubt enjoying the Sunny climate)
Venetain A1 army of 59 florins is based in Venice, A2 army of 41 florins commenced the campaign in Ravenna and as now moved to Pasaro.
Papal A1 army of 72 florins under the command of Prospero Colonna a condottiero, mustered his army in Rome and as now moved onto Terni.
Spain A1 army 82 florins under the command Fernando d' avalos, Marquess of Pescara landed at Cosenza and as now marched onto Barletta.
The Spanish army draw a Campaign card denoting a plague in the region. On a throw of 5-6 a plague breaks out but fortunatly the Spanish commander throw a 2 "Phew"
The Papal Commander picked up a Russe de Guerre card with a Fabian Tactic which means my Papal General may avoid having a battle forced on him until the start of the next campaign phase.
Let me say "For those who wish to follow the campaign, why not get out a map of Italy and track Scots and my movements".
Campaigns are not everyones "Cup of Tea" but I find them challanging, in trying to out wit ones opponant and reading the Historical aspects of the period.
Now I'm waiting for Scot to make his next move(s).

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