Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Italian Campaign. France plunders Naples. Venetians Falter at Ferrara

This is the lastest update of the Campaign. The French King, Charles VIII played campaign Card #2, collecting 9 florins in Italian Revenue. This he needed as their war Chest is somewhat empty.
He discarded Campaign Card #18
Campaign Card #33 allowed the French army to plunder Naples. This dastardly action gave Charles 18 florins for his War Chest, bringing the French total to 27 florins but he lost 6 Victory Points.

The last we heard of the Venetian 1st Army was they were in the area of Ferrara. Well the Genenral of this army decided to lay siege to the City. Oh Dear!!! He did not succeed. The Citizens and Soldiers of Ferrara put up a brave defense and sent the venetian General "packing".
This is how it happened. The Venetian general committed 50 florins of his army, giving him plus 5, he also gained a plus 1 as this was the first part of the siege: this gave him a total 6 to add to a dice roll of a D6, a 2 was rolled equaling 8 "Not bad he thinks. I have a chance to take this City".
Well it din't quite work out like that. The Citizens of Ferrara had plus 3 for the area, plus 2 for garrison, giving them a total of 5. this ment a 4 or more had to be rolled. The d6 was rolled and they throw a 6 giving them 11.
The Citizens and Soldiers of Ferrara jump for JOY, as they had repulsed half the Venetian army. "Now the Citizens hold a Holiday on this Day".
The Venetians lost half their army in this siege.
The last bit of news we heard, is that a messenger as just arrived at the Venetian camp, ordering the Venetian General back to Venice, as the Doge and The Council of Venice would like a little Chat with him! Remember Venice was a Republic.
Some consolation though, camapign card #21 gave them extra Influence Chits and Campaign Card #31, Spanosh Disease, ment the Spainish had to give up 2 Influence Chits. Leaving them with none.

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