Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mahdis Take On the Brits

P1020501 As I promised I have posted the photos of the game that we played on the 22 Feb. The players were Scott and Russ, British, Kevin and yours truly Mahdis. The British objective was to take the village, which had been occupied by a small force of Mahdis. This little "band" were supported by two "Brigades" of Mahdis placed behind the village. The first photo shows the Mahdis in the village. The commander is in on the roof of the house in the back ground.

Camel riders, which, as the game progressed were unlucky enough to come up against British cavalry. Yes! you guessed it, they were defeated in melee. They ended up being routing and had to be removed off the table.


This skimishing group taking cover in the rocks were in my force this group were charged by a British unit, who I am glad to say were only pushed back a couple of inches.


Egyptian troops who unfortunately did not get into combat. The unit in front of the Egyrtians were one of Scotts' elite units, who were charged by two units of Mahdis and ended up routing 36" inches back, almost, but not quite off the table. Well done Scott.

Another photo of Kevin's wing. This wing did very well, has they pushed Russ' British flang back to the edge of the table.


Top view of the Russ' cavaly, positioned on the British left flank. It was this unit that forced the Mahdi Camel riders off the table.

Another photo of Russ' British flank. Note; the Scarlet uniforms of the Bitish infantry. Remember this is the early period of the Sudan campaign, when some British units were still in scarlet. Remeber Mr Jones the Butcher (You know, the one who, in every episode had the line "They don't like it up them Mr Mannering") in "Dads Army". If my memory serves me correctly, in one episode, he wears the uniform that he wore in the Suden campaign. It wasn't until about 1881 that the Kakhi uniform began to be introduced as the standard British uniform and then they were still wearing scarlet in the early stages of the "Boer War". Incidently I have read that the scarlet tended to fade to brown.

Cavalry unit in the top of the photo got as far as the centre of the Table. The British units in the foreground ended up in the rocky terrain.
The terrain and figures (apart from the cavalry featured in the last photo) were from Scott's fine collection of Suden miniatures.

It was a victory for the Mahdis, the British having failed to achieve their objective, well they did end up where they started from. The rule set we played with was "Command Piquet" by Brent Oman. These Rules are not everyones "cup of tea" especially for the majority of us gamers who are used to "you move I move" rules and are used to thinking in a linear mode. as for Me I find them some what refeshing.
It was an enjoyable day, made even better, because I had a victory over Scott. Once again many Thanks toScott and the rest of fellows for a day well spent.
Next, will be the report on the "El Cid" game that Russ and I intend to play in about two weeks time.

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