Monday, February 23, 2009

Medieval Scenics


It has been some time since I have posted anythink, so I thought I will display a few photos of my Medieval figures. as I said at the very beginning this is one of the periods I enjoy gaming. The photos represent a small village at the edge of a Desert. I was going to use this village as a back drop to a future Crusade game, using the suppliment "El Cid" from War Hammer Historical but I have changed my mind and set up a small village, somewhere in Europe in its place. I will post the new layout before the actual game, which may be in 3 weeks time.
The figures are from Mirliton Miniatures which is an Italian company, who produce some very fine miniatures. As you can see, these figures are from their "Diaroma" sets, this group is the the "Black Smith" shop. The Building is from "Conflex".


A Knight taking the blessing from the Town's Priest, before setting off to seek his fortune. His travaling companions are watching the "Smithy" hard at work. Figures by "Crusade" miniatures.


The water fall near the Village. Scratched build by me.


Top view of the "Smithy". Top Left hand corner is a knight waiting for his horse to be shod. If you can use your imagination, you can almost picture him tapping his toes of one of his feet, inpatient to set off with travaling companions.


The actual village on the edge of the Desert. Note: the two European buildings, lending a stark contrast to the Eastern buildings.




Three photos of the same village. The two fields by the river, are that of an Orchard and Olive Grove. Remember there are some fertile ares in the East.
Along with the Historical aspects of this period, these miniatures lend a realistic feel to any Wargame table.
Coming soon! photos of the Suden game, that I and a group of friends played at Scot's house on Sunday 22/02/09 and what an enjoyable day it was, Thanks Scot! Until then "Happy Gaming".

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