Sunday, March 15, 2009

Battle of "Teledo" cont;

Well here I am again, I've just come in from constructing a trench in preparation for a World War 1 game Titled "Take The Village". This will be in the Future, more on this when the date is set and the game has been played.
Now for the long awaited photos taken during the game "Battle Of Teledo". This photo shows a better view of the Battle Standard and the unit protecting it. The unit by the way did not come to "blows" with the enemy


The Infante's Unit, just to remind you this unit was in the centre of the Battle line. Foregive the movement try, I ment to flock it prior to the game, but never got round to doing it.

A close up of the Andalusian allies

Mecenary Light Cavalry in skirmish formation this unit had two rounds of combat then decided to run off the battle field. They were last seen heading for the Inn in the village. The actual view is the right wing of my lay out.
Just to let you know, I have just finished painting my first 3 units of Japanese 1905 Infantry and cavalry 2 x 12 infantry and 1x10 cavalry, the Cavalry I mounted on Fenlon Horses. Placing the Cavalry figues on the Fenlon brand of horse makes them look good. I have started on painting 3 more infantry units, by this rate, I hope to have all the Japanese painted with in 4 to 5 months. If I don't have time to paint the Russians I intend to use my World War 1 Russian Figures. You may say, that the uniforms may not be the same, well the cut of the Russian uniform did not change much only the colour, which eventialy changed from White and green to that of Karki. I shall post photos of the Japanese units in the next day or two.

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