Friday, February 26, 2010

Sunday 21 Feb. 2010 Zulu Colonial Game

IMG 1668
Last Sunday Russ, Warren and I played an interesting Zulu game. Russ put together the Scenario using "The Sword and the Flame Rules" by Larry V. Brom. Russ and Warren played the Zulus while I was in command of the British. The object of the game was for the British to get their gun from the base line onto the hill, top left hand corner in the photograph. Fire off two rounds into the Zulu Kral, then make it back to the base line. After some difficulties the British would have achieved their objective, only the British did not get back to the base line, due to the gamers calling it a win for the British and running out of time. Here are some photos of the game (should you wish to enlarge them, I am afraid you will find that they are somewhat blurry, sorry about that). Slide 1, shows a British platoon under attack by two Zulu Regiments. This platoon decided to rush ahead, paying no attention to the surrounding terrain, that could hold hidden Zulus After putting up a brave fight the platoon was pushed back. If you look closely you can see Lord Chelmsford peering through his scope. The platoon did rally and come back into the game. Much to the relieve of the British commander. The lesson is "Always stay in support and don't run ahead".
IMG 1670
Two scouts run into a Zulu regiment armed with rifles. This particular regiment inflicted some heavy casualties on a British square later in the game. With some very good dice throwing by Warren.
IMG 1671
Another view of the lone platoon that ran ahead of the rest of the British units. One figure in this platoon won a posthumous Victoria Cross for valour in the field, I intent to paint a little "Gold" mark on the figure to represent the V.C.
IMG 1672

IMG 1673
Two slides of Lord Chelmsford with the platoon. This is a nice figure from Redoubt Miniatures.

IMG 1674

IMG 1675
Second platoon moving forward, seeing their comrades under attack. This platoon gave support to the platoon in the centre that had to retreat. The gun was limbered and moved back. You may ask "Why didn't the Zulus attack the gun" my reply is "I do not know".
IMG 1676
Final slide, shows the British under attack from the front and rear by two BRAVE Zulu Regiments. The Zulu regiment attacking in the rear were also hit in from behind by a British platoon. You can see the gun and its crew, taken in the flank by Zulus. The Kral was at the foot of this hill. Russ had some very bad dice rolls in this combat. Rolling I believe seven ones! The figures faced down represent wounded. After this combat, we called it a win for the British , the Zulus would have found it difficult in stopping the British from achieving their objective.
This the second time that Russ and I have played these rules and each time we have found the rules to be a joy to play and to those who think that it was an easy victory for the British, let me say "That it was not a walk over for me".
Terrain was put together by Russ.
Our next game will be a World War 1 scenario "Battle for the Conde Canal" 1914, where units from the British 2nd Corps faced the German "Steam Roller". So why not dust off those history books and brush up on this battle.


  1. Some really interesting stuff! My first foray back into historicals will likely be Brits-Zulus (thanks to Wargames Factory Plastics) sometime later this year. My hope is to be able to run a public Rorke's Drift down at our gaming clubs monthly gamesday to get local players interested in historicals. After that I'd like to do more 28 MM ... Romans perhaps. Anyway cool post thanks!

  2. Sorry I have not responded quickly to your comment, it is always pleasing that people read ones blog (Which by the way I enjoy doing). The game was enjoyable, the British did not find it easy to beat the Zulus. If you are interested the rules we used was "The Sword And The Flame" by Larry V. Brom. In my opinion, these rules are a joy to came with. Sunday 02/05/10 Russ and I used them for a World War 1 game, which I shall post the report this coming weekend with photos. If you look back you will find a report on a Zulu game that Russ and I played, it was some what similar to "Rorke's Drift". Well good luck in quest to get your club members interested in Historical gaming. What got me interested in gaming Ancients was the rule set "Warhammer Ancient Battles" this was a Wargamer who did not like gaming in the Ancient period until a friend introduced them to me. There is a new set out "Impetus" I can not comment on them for I have to try them out.