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Saturday 26/06/09. Wargame Scenario Prusian left flank "Battle of Worth"



No 1. As the early morning sun ascents into the skies above, the Wurtembergers are about to step off to confront the French at the "Battle of Worth" or the "Battle of Froeschwiller". The battle took place on the 6th August 1870. The French were under the command of Marshal MacMahon, the Prussians under the command of H.R.H the Crown Prince of Prussia. The main protagonists on the day, were the Bavarians, Wurtembergers, Hesse, Nassu and Saxe-Weimers.
There was no actual plan for the battle, the Prussians just happened to collide with the French, while the French were taken by surprise. A some what typical type of battle in the early stages of the Franco-Prussian War.
For this game I featured the attack of the Wurtembergers and a brigade of Bavarians around the town of 'Worth'.
"Command Pique" were the rules used on the day of the game.
On conclusion of the game we discussed the strength and weakness of the rules. One main critisisum was the slow movment of the units, put down, that there were not enough monvement cards in the packs. The answer may lay in the fact, that we did not use these card effectively. Another comment by a player, was that the rules did not provide the player with a chance to manuvar. This I doubt, because the players who had the cavalry were able to move their units around the flanks. Another comment was, "The cards run the game" yes they do, but this is to give the "Fog Of War". For gamers who enjoy the sequence, "you move I move" then "Pique" is not for them.
These rules provide the author with the ablity to think and not be able to counter an opponants moves as in "you move I move". Remember, Generals today have a great deal of technology on hand to assist them in achieving their goal, where as in the periods that the majority of use play, generals did not have such technology and had to rely on their natural skills. I feel that to game these rules one must take time to understand them.


No2. This brigade of Dragoons were on the left supporting the Wurtmbergers. As the progressed this brigade came to blows with 2 French Cuirassier Regiments. They ended the day loosing the Melee and fleeing the battle field. The figures represented the 1st Lieb regiment, 2nd and 3rd Regiments of Baden Dragoons. In the actual battle it was the Wurtemberger Dragoons in this position.


No3. The Baden Lieb Dragoons coming to grips with a regiment of Cuirassier. Both were crack units. The Daroons ended up loosing the melee and fleeing the battle field.



No 4 Two photos showing the brigade of Bavarians in position, waiting for the order to move off. The brigade commander is Major General Dietl.


No5 The same Bavarian Brigade moving up onto the ridge. The Brigade came under heavy French fire from the famous "Chassepot" rifle. Along with the "Mitrailleuse" the was greatly respected by the Prussians. To the extend, that the Prussians would often target the "Mitrailleuse" batteries with their artillery.

No6 The same dragoon Regiments as featured above. The figures in the left hand corner of photo represent Major General von la Roche-Starkenfels, commander of the brigade, with two dragoons as escourt. Reading from left to right are the 1st Life Dragoon Regiment (Leib Dragoon Regiment) Red Facings, 2nd Dragoon Regiment (Margrave Maximillian) Yellow Facings and 3rd Dragoon Regiment (Prince Charles) Black Facings.
If Iam putting on a scenario, I always get a sense of satisfaction in researching the battle, regiments and Generals, plus the historical background of the actual battle itself.


No7 French line infantry, ready to receive a charge from the Bavarians. After a number of hard fought melees, the Bavarians were routed and the French testing their morale, falling back, lucky not to run off the battle field.

No8 View of the French on the ridge.


No9 Two Battalions of Wurtembergers moving up. This Brigade finished up the Neiderwald.




No10 Three photos, Looking along the main road of 'Worth'. Baden troops waiting for the drums to beat the advance.


No11 Scott placing his French units on the ridge. The top photo shows the final set up of the French.

No12 These French units faced off with the Bavarians.


No13 The town of 'Worth' before it experiances the noise of battle. Little did the town know that it would give it's name to a battle.

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