Sunday, March 22, 2009

Battle of "Toledo"

As promised, the report on the game that Russ and I played last sunday. Another view of the "village" used as terrain in the game. The village was placed on my right flank.
Same shot of the Church that I featured earlier.
Blacksmith hard at work, unaware that not very far away are two armies about to join in combat for who has the right to rule.
a local Squire about to bring in supplys for his "Boss".
I title of this slide is "The Young Infante and his personal Standard Bearer" joining the army, ready to do battle against the King. In the background are Andalusian Allies.
The Infante has now taken up postion with his personnal "Household Knights". These were placed in the centre of the battle field.
The Infante's close "Friend" "The Bishop Of Castille" (Figure holding the Standard) In the "WarHammer El Cid Rules" I payed extra points making him a "Crusading Bishop". The unit that has this character is a powerfull force to be reckoned with. Leadership of 10 subject to Hatred.

Two photos of the very same Bishop coming to blows with the Kings unit. I am sorry to say the Bishop lost the combat, resulting in the entire unit running away. I had to throw panic tests for three of my units, guess what happened, yes, your right, all three failed, which resulted in all three running off the table, leaving my left flank exposed. After this poor excuss for dicie throwing I surrended the game to Russ.
My Battle line looking down the left flank. The unit in the foreground are another Andalusian infantry unit.
Russ' Right flank, showing a number of crossbow men in skirmish formation.
My skirmish archer unit facing the Might of Russ' infantry
Unit of Caballeros charging my mercenary bow unit. This combat lasted 2 turns before my unit decided they had had enough, so they ended up going to the Inn in the village Ha! The Caballeros swept all before them opening up my right flank.
Ballesteros,Crossbow men about to recieve a charge from Caballeros light cavalry. I thoght by standing and shooting I could inflict 25% on the charging unit, but alas I failed leaving the Crossbow men to fight gallantly on. In the end they just could not hold and ended up making off in the direction of the Inn. Yes! the Inn Keeper on the day made a fortune. He was last seen sun tanning on the local beach.
My Infantry looking on Russ' Battle line. Note the middle flag of the unit in the foreground, this I used as my "Battle Standard". The flag features the "Virgin Mary holding Christ" as you have not already worked out, the day did not go to plan the Renegade Infante ended up running away. The photo below is the same one as featured above "How did that sneak in"?
I always enjoy using "WarHammer El Cid Rules" Russ and I use them whenever we play a medeval game, which I must say is a favourite period of mine. Hope you enjoy looking at the photos, as much as I enjoyed taking them.


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