Sunday, May 3, 2009

Layout of Trench system and Japanese Figures (Russo-Japanese War)

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Long time since I last published somethink on my Blog, I thought I would post up some photos of the trench system I construted ealier this year along with the "Old Glory, Boxer Range Figures" that I told you about a couple of months ago. The first photo is taken looking along the trench.

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This is the back of the same trench, taken from behind the command post. The materials I used were, cardborad and clay for the banks. Sand and cat litter, giving the rough effect to the banks. Lollypop sticks were used for the roof of the command post and for the decking. The sacks are from "Green stuff" from "Wargames Workshop". I have yet to add more features, like barbed wire, boxes representing ammunition etc. In the third photo are "Old Glory Figures" painted to represent Japanese Infantry in the "Russo-Japanese War" of 1904>05. I have painted them in their blue summer uniform, in the back ground is a squadron of Japanese cavalry. I've yet to paint more figures, which are on my paint table, all undercoated and ready for the paintbrush. I rather like these figures for their animation. The flags I made myself.
This Conflict saw extensive use of deep trenchworks, artillery, barbed wire and machineguns. The observers from other Nations didn't seem to learn any lessons.
So, I'm slowly preparing for the time when I can field both sides in order to game this period.
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